1.Warranty principle:

   Warranty time starts from goods arrived at destination port;

   Warranted motorcycles and tricycles should meet the factory technical requirements concern;
   If the separate parts can solve the problem, the factory will not provide assemble parts;
   Warranty parts exclude any importation cost, local transportation cost and any maintenance labour cost.

2. Pre-warranty quality claim:

   Any claim about defects which caused by packing, should be put forward within two weeks after the goods  arrival. Otherwise, the factory will consider the goods arrived in good condition.

3. Warranty period: 

   One year’s or 6000kms’ warranty for road legal motorcycles;

   Six months’ or 3000kms’ for other motorcycles and tricycles.

4. Warranty object:

    Regarding qualified motorcycles and tricycles in accordance with technical standards, the factory will be responsible for quality defects, which affect appearance, integrity and performance;

    Sample and discounted motorcycles and tricycles (after tests or sales) are excluded from the warranty.

5.Warranty and non-warranty parts:

   Warranty parts: engine, chassis and its accessories;

   Non-warranty parts: The following parts but not limited to the followings: engine tune-up, spark plugs, fuse, standard parts, brake shoes, tires tubes, decals, oil filter and air filter, lubricants, bulbs, lamps, chain, with battery and the all cables, all covers, joint balls, electrics, spokes, the rims and so on;

    Any parts that are by common sense or trade practice excluded from warranty.

6.Warranty exemption: 

   This warranty is void due to misuse, abuse, over exposure to climatic conditions such as rain and moisture, competition, jumping or commercial use.

7.Warranty requirements:

   All following information must provided for any claim: clear pictures, the chassis and engine numbers, as well as fulfilled “quality information sheet”;

   Damaged parts should be mailed back to the factory for serious quality problem claim (at factory‘s cost).

8.Warranty parts transport:

If the total gross weight of warranty parts is:
Within 30kgs, will be shipped by express; 

Within 30kgs-100kgs, will be delivered by air; 

Over 100kgs, will be shipped by sea (all at factory’s cost).




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